Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technology to the rescue

I have been trumpeting the resurgence of US manufacturing, and the contribution of industrial lasers to it, since the recession began its recovery. The latest supporting data: July saw a second straight month of higher factory output (0.5%), according to the Federal Reserve, and overall industrial production increased 0.6%, a fourth straight month of growth. And although US manufacturing technology orders inched down in June 2012, according to the Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT, as backlogs swell in the supply chain, order activity is expected to rejuvenate by summer's end.

Articles are now appearing in all the industrial-related publications, supporting the growth of US manufacturing as the rest of the world has gone into a manufacturing slump. Every once in a while I come across a succinct look at the US manufacturing sector from an observer. Mike Collins, president of MPC Management and the author of Saving American Manufacturing, has nailed it in his latest contribution. I highly recommend it.

Thank you Mike, for reminding us that the US is still a technology leader.

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