Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live from LASYS 2012: An encouraging start despite EU sogginess

LASYS 2012, happening this week (June 12-14) in Stuttgart, Germany, opened with a spurt of attendees -- which was unusual for a German trade show, where attendee numbers typically increase on the second day. 179 exhibitors breathed a sigh of relief, as concern for the economy here in Europe is on everyone's mind.

However, mid-day traffic dropped to a more normal level. I'm not sure if it was an early afternoon rainstorm that cut the crowds down, but there were a lot of exhibitor-to-exhibitor conversations as the attendance fell off after 3PM. Nevertheless, several exhibitors we spoke with said that the lower volume inquiries were of high quality, and that was a blessing.

Two adjacent shows on auto technology drew crowds, but these were confined to their respective halls on the first day, and any fallout from these wasn't expected until Thursday of this week. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the big day at LASYS 2012 -- and we, along with all the other exhibitors, are hoping that the show projections for total attendance (4500) can be achieved and even surpassed.

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