Friday, November 12, 2010

FABTECH a big success

The numbers are in from the organizers and sponsors of Fabtech 2010, and the results are even better than our instant analysis indicated. A 12% increase in attendance over the 2006 Atlanta show and a 23% increase in exhibitors over that event gave lie to the pre-show babble that Atlanta was not a good venue for fabricating and welding technology.

Congratulations to the organizers (the FMA, SME, AWS and PMA) and all those 1100+ exhibitors who had faith that a) the market was recovering and b) the Southeast remains a hotbed of fabricating technology.

Sample comments from exhibitors: “We got more leads out of this show than all the others combined that we’ve participated in.” And from another: “Everybody’s positive about the future, and things look and feel a lot better then they did a year ago.” From an attendee: “I now know this is the one place I need to go if I want to find the latest technology to improve processes, reduce costs, and stay competitive.

I said earlier that I had seen many smiling faces at Fabtech and now I know why; it was a better show than last time and that one was, in my mind, a great show.

Let’s hope the enthusiasm from the exhibitors and attendees lasts into the New Year to kick start the recovery in the fabricated metal products sector.

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